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FOIC Agency FOIA Links Database

The FOIC Agency FOIA Links Database provides an agency-by-agency list of links and information about agency FOIA programs, and the procedures for requesting agency records.

Elements in the Database:
FOIA Home Page/Handbook - Before preparing any FOIA requests, you should examine the agency's web site and the information that the agency has posted about its FOIA program. These web sites provide online access to many agency records and instructions about how to obtain further records through a FOIA request or other agency programs for disseminating information.

Regulations - Agency FOIA regulations set forth the official procedures for submitting FOIA requests to the agency. Consult these regulations for important information about (i) where FOIA requests should be sent; (ii) the agency's fee schedule and procedures for requesting a waiver or reduction of fees; (iii) how the agency determines if a request qualifies for expedited processing, or should be placed on a "track" that will minimize the processing time for the request; and (iv) how to appeal an adverse decisions.

Annual Reports - Many agencies have substantial backlogs of requests, and take much longer than 20 working days to respond. The agencies annual reports provide information about how long the agency takes to process different types of requests, the size of any backlog of FOIA requests, and the exemptions that the agency has invoked to withhold records. These annual reports describe the agency's activities during the previous fiscal year (October 1-September 30) and new reports are supposed to be issued by February 1 each year.

Email Address - Many agencies now accept FOIA requests online through electronic mail or through an online form for submitting requests.

FOIA Contact - The database also provides addresses and, in most cases, telephone and fax numbers for reaching the agency's FOIA office.

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