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9/11 Panel Member Slams White House Deal

A deal with the White House that will allow select members of a federal panel investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to study parts of presidential intelligence briefs, or PDBs, related to terrorism and the attacks was criticized by some panelists as being too restrictive, the Associated Press reported. "We should be requesting the entire PDB, not an article from the PDB," said former Rep. Tim Roemer. "How can you get the context of how al Qaeda or Afghanistan is being prioritized in 10 or 12 pages when you only are seeing two paragraphs?"

Roemer and another member of the federal commission, former Sen. Max Cleland, are concerned that only some of the 10 commissioners will be allowed to examine classified intelligence documents and the White House can review their notes. Prior to reaching a deal, the commission had threatened to subpoena the White House to gain access to the documents.

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